Central East Energy Connect

Marcy to New Scotland Upgrades

The Central East Energy Connect project will improve electric transmission facilities within existing utility corridors between the Towns of Marcy and New Scotland. These upgrades will help relieve bottlenecks on the New York power grid, support renewable energy, replace aging infrastructure to improve reliability, and provide many other benefits to businesses and residents across New York State.

Nearly 100 miles in length, the project has a number of different components. Along much of its length, we’ll be replacing two aging sets of “H”-frame transmission towers with just one set of modern monopole structures that can move more electricity, more efficiently – in fact, the project along that segment will be able to carry more than four times the capacity of the existing lines. In other segments, we’ll be adding new monopoles carrying two new circuits together. The project also includes upgrades at several existing substations and the construction of two new, indoor gas-insulated substations using state-of-the-art technology. By using existing rights-of-way and today’s best technologies, we’ll minimize the impact on residents and communities.

Learn more about the project in our overview handout here.

LS Power’s transmission upgrades will:

  • Support renewable energy resources which can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions – today’s congested lines limit the amount of renewable energy that can be carried throughout the State
  • Create local jobs – LS Power plans to prioritize hiring New York State-based workers to complete this project
  • Improve electric grid reliability and resiliency by rebuilding aging infrastructure, which is more than 60 years old in some cases
  • Reduce transmission system congestion, allowing the lowest cost, most efficient, and environmentally-friendly generation to more consistently meet electrical demand – estimated to yield substantial production cost savings

The proposed route is within the existing electric transmission rights of way in parts of the following counties and towns: 

Oneida County

  • Marcy
  • Deerfield

Herkimer County

  • Schuyler
  • Frankfort
  • German Flatts
  • Village of Ilion
  • Little Falls
  • Stark
  • Danube

Montgomery County

  • Minden
  • Canajoharie
  • Root
  • Glen
  • Charleston
  • Florida

Schenectady County

  • Duanesburg
  • Princetown
  • Rotterdam

Albany County

  • Guilderland
  • New Scotland